StageSurfing is the idea of an online platform where you can find DIY tour tools to set up a live performance as well as a link between bands and professionals to help making new music connections. Our goal is to offer support to organize an entire tour and get heard outside your home-country. From beginning to end, we can help with everything that’s in between one gig and the other. Are you planning an itinerary or looking for a hotel? Do you need to rent a van or a drum-kit? Do you need a venue details, a photographer, or even help with daily routine management? On StageSurfing you will find all this, and much more. This is the reason why we welcome on our platform not only musicians, clubs, agents and managers but also anyone offering services for the live music scene. If you own a hostel or a restaurant, run a recording studio, rent vans or instruments, or do anything that can be useful to a touring band, just list it on StageSurfing and offer your deal!


This is our an ALPHA version, an idea of what we want our platform to be and a way to start a conversation with our future users and friends. We need your support to launch StageSurfing Beta – please join and spread the word! 


In the meantime, sign up as a Tour Organizer  (bands, managers, agents), a Show Host (venues, festivals, promoters or anyone who wants to host a gig) or a Service Provider (freelancers and business owners welcome!). Just click here and follow the steps.

You can also contact us directly if you want to

… work with us: we are a small team at a very early stage, but we are moving forward quickly and any help is highly appreciated. If you want to be involved, get in touch!

… become a partner or talk about sponsorship opportunities: We are currently developing new business partnerships and looking for investment – Want to chat about it? Let us know!

… be our Testimonial? Email us on and become our new favourite band!

… know more about StageSurfing? If you think what we are doing sounds pretty great and are willing to know more about the project, drop us a line!